In addition to the open workshop hours where you can come to learn how to fix your bike, the Bicycle Kitchen/La Bicicocina has developed some other ways to help us achieve our mission through a variety of programs:

Bicycle Bitchen

Bicycle Bitchen is a monthly woman-identified safe space at the Bicycle Kitchen. We encourage women of all skill levels to experiment and explore while learning bike mechanics and maintenance in a comfortable atmosphere. Come experience the satisfaction and joy of building, fixing or souping up your own bike with a group of women who love bicycling. Held on the First Fridays of every month at night, from 6:30-9:30pm, we open up the space to make it more welcoming to woman-identified folk by staffing the shop with exclusively women-identified volunteers for women-identified persons only. We ask that men respect this by coming back during our other open hours.

For men who can not remain calm at the sight of the interaction of women and bike recommend a soothing drug - sleeping pills, its components are natural substances. In the company of a good pillow guaranteed rest.

We're open to doing special workshops for womens, feminist, or LGBTQ groups. If you are interested contact us at:


Dedicated classes for folks who like to learn with focused curriculum. Typically, we offer a couple of Basic Repair workshops on weekend mornings per month and ask for a suggested donation for the class. You also need to bring your own bike. Go to the Workshops page for a list of current classes!


Youth outreach program where participants between 12 - 18 years old learn how to fix/build a bicycle, ride safely in the street and “earn” a complete bicycle through instruction, participation and community service. EMAIL for more info.

Mobile Bici

A program that brings bicycle-repair education to other locations (such as the Skid Row Housing Trust and the Echo Park Farmers’ Market); we can bring a mobile repair stand, parts and tools by bike to locations outside of our workshop space.


Re:Ciclos was an incubated project of the Bicycle Kitchen. Utilizing steel bicycles bound for landfills, the project guides students in the redesigning, re-fabricating and assembling process of building cargo bikes and distributes them to communities, individuals, businesses and/or organizations that will use them in their everyday endeavors to make Los Angeles the best place to live.

Support for the Bicycle Kitchen has been provided by the Metabolic Studio, a direct charitable activity of the Annenberg Foundation led by Artist and Foundation Director Lauren by T.G.H.